Pools & Landscapes in Beacon Hill

Pools & Landscapes in Beacon Hill

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Wisdom Pools and Landscapes have been delivering tailored outdoor lifestyle solutions across Beacon Hill and the Greater Sydney region for more than a decade. 

We offer holistic, tailored outdoor lifestyle solutions for both new and existing homes, from concept through to construction and the finished product. We are able to take on a wide range of projects due to the variety of pool and landscaping services on offer, from inspiring, full-scale outdoor renovations to simple and cost-effective projects.

We are an award-winning team who can work with you to create the perfect outdoor space that suits your needs. 

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Why choose Wisdom Pools & Landscapes

A fully integrated approach to designing your home, pool and landscaping.


Servicing Beacon Hill & the Greater Northern Beaches area


Stunning Landscape Design

More than simply a finishing touch, a well-designed, functional garden can bring years of enjoyment, relaxation and pleasure to you and your family.


Innovative Pool Builder

We work with a range of budgets, large and small, to design a custom pool that fits your unique home and lifestyle.

"Each pool and landscape is designed individually to suit your specific site and home. Our philosophy is to create inspiring pool designs that seamlessly integrate with your home.”

Michael Rutherford - Sales and Operations Manager at Wisdom Pools and Landscapes

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Pool Renovations and Landscape Projects

From custom outdoor kitchens & pergolas to beach-inspired pool designs, we have something for everyone. Let our award-winning team work with you to visualise and create an outdoor sanctuary in Beacon Hill that you will never want to leave.

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Frequently asked questions

No, most councils require you to submit landscape design plans and undertake the bulk of the work before they issue a Certificate of Occupancy. An experienced landscape designer will be able to guide you through what’s required by council, will have a solid understanding of local conditions (that influence plants selections) and will deliver on time and to your budget.

Whether you’re redoing your existing garden or planning out a garden for your new home, it’s important to speak to a landscape designer who takes into consideration your style, needs and budget. Having an initial design consultation in your home allows us to fully understand what we have to work with, and what your lifestyle needs are.

Think about how you will use your garden. Do you have young children who want space to run around? Do you have capacity for a pool? What shade covering do you want? Is your lot flat or sloping and can everyone access the parts they need to? Once you’ve thought about these big questions, we can work with you and your budget to find out what is achievable.

That depends on the scope of the project. It’s important to discuss timings during initial discussions with your landscaping contractor so you can plan for the future.

No, Wisdom Pools and Landscapes’ services are available to the wider market, not just those building a new home with Wisdom Homes.

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