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Frequently Asked Questions

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No. Wisdom Pools and Landscapes currently services Wisdom Homes customers only.

Yes. You can call to organise a meeting if you wish to discuss things further.

As soon as you return your signed landscape plan it is forwarded to our estimating department so your estimated P.A can begin.

It means Principle Private Open Space. This area will receive a certain amount of sunlight each day. We are not restricted in anyway with landscaping in this area.

Developer contours refer to the lines that will be shown on the plan with numbers (reduced levels) at the end of each line. Once the land is registered or the surveyors have access, a new contour survey will be available. This will give us a better understanding of the rise/fall of the land and we can be more accurate with our onsite quoting. Once the site plan has been updated with the latest contours, it will also show more information which may include easements, pits, drains, walls, etc.

It is recommended that you do not deviate from your landscape plan. We understand that once onsite circumstances may change. Any changes onsite will have to be assessed in conjunction with DA, CDC, Developer & Certifiers.

Before you sign your landscape plan you have the option to make a change. This may cause a delay in receiving your amended landscape plan though as it will be put back in queue. Once you have signed your landscape plan, if you wish to make more changes a redraw fee may be issued, unless the change has been asked by the developer or council.

On the bottom right corner of your landscape plan you will notice an area showing client’s signature.

The drop edge shown on your landscape plan to your concrete area is an alternative to a retaining wall. In most cases the drop edge recommended is the most cost effective and structurally sound option. Do not be mistaken, the drop edge beam mentioned in the landscape plan is a separate item to drop edge beam needed for the house.

1 truck load of clean fill is registered as 13 tons of fill at max. There is a minimum charge of 13 ton, you will not be refunded if less than 13 ton is taken.

A sleeper(s) under the fence is an alternative to a retaining wall. This may have been decided due to tight access or due to the low size of the retaining required. This option is a cost effective way of retaining and maximising the space by using the fence posts.

Unless specified by you or noted on the landscape plan it will be plain concrete with the colour on top. We can install the concrete as a colour-through product, but this does increase the cost of the item as the colour-through product is a premium product.

Although your land “looks” flat, we can almost guarantee it isn’t. By the time you place a level house slab on the land you will notice that there is a cut and fill shown on your benching plan. Pending the heights of the cut and fill your site may require retaining. This will be explained during your landscape consultation, and if retaining walls are necessary they will be discussed again at site prior to landscape works starting.

Yes you can if you have something specific in mind. Though we may need to source them from other suppliers and may not be as cost effective as the materials we use consistently.

Yes, if it is allowed in your estate or your ratios all comply.

During your design  consultation prior to landscape works starting, if plants are an item you have taken, then this will be discussed then. You will have the planting schedule on page 2 of your landscape plan. Quantities of each plant selected will be confirmed.

Each and every house has a hard and soft fall ratio. This is determined on your block and house footprint size. Your contract house plan will show a minimum landscape % you will need to abide by. These ratios are determined by estate, council, CDC/DA, or DCP regulations.

There are several types of easements that could be included on your plan and each and every one have restrictions  to what can and cannot be done in that particular zone.

When it comes to retaining walls or any level changes, it is the responsibility of the client who is changing height from the original level.

It is not recommended as this can cause delays and be costly. If you wish to take this option, you will be required to sign a non-compliance letter.

These items may vary from estate to estate or council to council. This can be discussed with your CSR to ensure you comply with your estates/councils regulations.

You will need to obtain your pool approval though your pool builder. You will also need to confirm with Wisdom Homes that you are going to include a pool, as this may impact on the structural components of the house.

Tree removal is the responsibility of the client and this should be confirmed prior to your landscape consultation, as this may affect the design of the plan and the approval process.

The locations of these 3 items can be changed onsite and do not reflect back on the landscape plan. Just because your bins are shown in that position does not mean you have to keep your bins there. Same applies to your clothesline and letter box, if you require these in a different location this can be changed at site.

You can decide to include additional works at any time throughout the build. Usually these works can be discussed during the onsite consultation prior to landscape works starting. It is recommended that you include a P.A that is practical to the works you wish to take onsite. This will ensure that everything you require is completed.

The main benefit is being able to receive a full turn-key solution. Once you are handed your keys for your completed home, you can enjoy your yard and not worry about spending the next 3 months of Sundays landscaping. Nothing worse than having a beautiful home but are too embarrassed to have people over because you have nowhere to entertain. This way you can appreciate your home right from the get go.

This is pending your pool builder of choice. If you are to choose Wisdom as your preferred pool builder, the pool can be installed during the house construction. If you are to proceed with another pool builder the pool will have to be installed either before the site has started construction or after the keys have been handed over.

All pools have specific requirements regarding engineering and safety. These requirements will need to be confirmed prior as they may affect your house or landscaping plans in the future.

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