Your backyard should be a symbol for relaxation and outdoor restoration. The place where you can exhale the day and take stock of what is yours. Bringing an open plan concept to your outdoor living has untold benefits that extend beyond ease of entertainment. What you may not know is that there are backyard designs that will actually promote open plan living, adding to your entire property in a more holistic way.

What does open plan mean?

When it comes to home design and architecture, there are always buzz words floating around. Open plan (or open floor plan) means the merging of two to three spaces, making it one large area that eliminates the walls and partitions that typically separate specific areas. The trend began in 1990, and has seen its way into homes around the world. It’s typically kitchens and dining spaces that are blended in an open plan layout, but now the concept also extends to blending your indoor and outdoor domain. This is where the magic awaits.

Open plan backyard designs

When understanding open plan backyards, it’s referring to the nature of blending the indoors and outdoors. This can be achieved through expansive bifold doors and large floor to ceiling windows, although the sliding door tracks will need to be non-obtrusive to make this flow truly seamless. You can also position your multiple entertaining spaces so that they relate to each other. This can be executed by having your dining space indoors, but your BBQ area and serving stations closeby outdoors. The Australian climate is conducive with this style of living and you can indulge open plan entertaining year around, especially if you have a fire pit on your land.

Backyard designs that can be adapted to open plan

The benefit of exploring a pool and landscaping package with WISDOM homes is that you have the support and inspiration of landscaping designers. If you’re unsure on where to start, there are some well-known backyard styles that offer a stunning addition to any home.

Hamptons style backyard – The Hamptons style backyard needs no introduction, as it’s one that has been embraced globally. The minimalist, yet effective, style incorporates a limited color palette (of which white and blue often dominate) complete with pavers and spread out furniture. This ‘beach-side’ look can be easily connected to your indoor areas, with the layout lazily spreading across vast space.

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Image by Wisdom Pools and Landscapes

English garden style backyard – You would be forgiven for thinking this backyard style is exclusive only to England. The English garden backyard is simple in design, with smaller gardens of specific plants being connected by paths. This open style allows you to connect the path to an entertaining patio which encroaches on your indoor kitchen space.

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Image by Wisdom Pools and Landscapes

Oriental style backyard – Leveraging the concept of balance, the oriental style uses water, rocks and greenery. This restorative mix of elements is derived from Japanese culture, and creates a zen environment for homeowners. This style is achieved by taking a minimalist approach, which ties in with your desire for an open plan lifestyle.

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An open plan lifestyle is one that will keep you connected to your indoors and outdoors, blending the line between where one space starts and ends. Find out what’s possible, and contact the design team at WISDOM pools and landscapes or call 1300 855 775.