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Gardening in the time of COVID-19

With mandatory lockdowns imposed across the country, a “new” (or perhaps forced) trend has emerged amongst cooped up residents who, craving time outdoors, have been making the most of their free-range gardens.

Being stuck inside, often with a number of other family members or housemates and limited al fresco options available these past couple of months, venturing into your front or backyard to take a break and regroup has never been more important.

Not only does stepping into your outdoor space provide access to fresh air and sunshine, putting on your gardening gloves and getting busy is good for your health and wellbeing, with gardening boasting a long-held reputation as a salve for stress, anxiety, and depression – green therapy, if you will.

Another lovely benefit of gardening, however big or small your space, is that it’s a therapy for all ages and stages of life – so why not include the kids and turn your “outdoor time” into a fun family project.

Whether this is by adding a veggie patch, pruning your trees back to ensure they grow and prosper stronger come spring, planting some new trees or plants or even installing a new cubby house – getting out and amongst your little slice of nature is sure to help soothe the soul.


Making your garden somewhere you and your family want to be is the key to spending more time in it and being happy doing so.

And with the option to create a quiet little coffee…. Or let’s be honest, wine… nook, a little isolation self-care never looked so good!

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