With autumn in full swing and the cooler months fast approaching, now is the perfect time to give your home a little spruce up before the wind and rain make it difficult and unpleasant to head outdoors!

In addition, as many of us find ourselves spending the majority of our time at home, wouldn’t it be lovely to have a nicer space to spend that time in.

Below are five fun and easy DIY tips and tasks for inside the home and in the yard, to tackle now that will be sure to help your home look picture perfect!

Maintain your lawn
With the wet weather creeping towards us, it’s important to stay on top of your lawn, ensure you keep the height of your grass in check, and your grass and plants healthy through the winter to weather the… well, weather.

Check the predicted rainfall each week and map out the best day to mow your lawn. It may also be worth investing in an all-purpose fertiliser or mulch to keep your garden healthy as the cold sets in. By staying on top of your garden now, come springtime you will be all set to show it off again!

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Start your own Veggie Patch
With supermarket queues and restrictions, not to mention recent health risks causing more headaches and anxiety than ever, what better time to buy those seeds, make a special space in your garden and start growing your own vegetables. It’s not only easy, but it will save you money and give you something to focus on and a reason to get some fresh air! Bunnings have some great step-by-step information on how to set up your garden and get growing – here!


Make your own Compost Bin
If you’re at home more, you’ll certainly be noticing just how much more food waste you are accumulating than usual. A quick, easy, and environmental solution to this excess waste is a compost bin. Chances are you have something around the house already that you can use to collect your food scraps, in our house, we are using an old ice cream container. Composting is surprisingly easy – fruit and vegetable peel and offcuts, pumpkin skin and seeds, coffee ground, even grass clippings are all fantastic for compost and your new veggie patch and garden will love you for it!


Oil Your Deck
Not a favourite task but certainly a necessary one! Natural materials such as timber do not fare well when exposed to the Australian elements and should be oiled at least twice a year.
Given the Australian love of entertaining and outdoor dining, decks tend to get a lot of use in the warmer months, and are a definite bonus for those looking to buy a new home – as such it is important to keep your deck in tip-top-shape and limit the wear and tear they are exposed to.
Check out these tips from Bunnings to refresh and renew your timber deck here.

Pools and Landscapes Project – Hoot Homes | Willowdale Display Centre


Now finally, let’s move indoors…

Re-style your living areas
Seeing the same living room and the same decorations day in and day out can become somewhat tiresome when we are at home so much more than usual. Rather than throwing items out, why not look to restyle the room and the location of certain pieces to help you fall in love with your living space all over again. Take inspiration from your favourite colours or textures and play to what you already have. It’s amazing how moving a few key items and putting away a few others can completely transform your room.
For some great tips and tricks on updating your living areas without spending a fortune, check out Homes to Love 5 simple home styling tips here.