They say that summer bodies are made in winter, and with this thought process in place, it makes sense that so too should new pools be installed and finalised – ready to show off and enjoy when the warm summer days arrive!

We may currently be shivering in front of our fireplaces, and with many of us spending a lot more time (or all our time…) at home, thoughts of warm summer days and outdoor fun with friends and family is certainly a nice distraction.

A fantastic addition to any backyard is undoubtedly a pool – an asset that can be enjoyed by all family members, whether it’s the kids splashing about and playing Marco polo, or some quite time for mum and dad to lounge

If installing a pool is high on your agenda this year, it’s likely that you have a number of questions you need to answer before you can finalise your design, look and feel.

As with all the decisions you make when buying, building and styling your home, we recommend that first you sit down and think about the end result – How do you envisage your pool looking? How will it fit into your backyard landscape? How will the exterior tones and textures of your home work with it? Is there a theme you are going for?

A great place to start once you have the size and shape of your pool confirmed, is selecting a colour scheme that compliments your home and your outdoor area.
This can be quite a daunting process, especially given the large variety of colours and textures available in today’s market.

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Wisdom Pools and Landscapes Project |  HomeWorld, Box Hill Display Centre

Starting with the colour of your new pool, the general rule of thumb when selecting between a light or dark pool colour is that the tone of your pool surrounds should be in direct contrast to your pool colour.
Eg. If you have your heart set on a light pool colour, you will want to consider darker pool surrounds such as dark wooden decking, a darker stone such as Bluestone, slate or brick, or alternatively, if it is a darker pool you desire, surrounds such as light wooden decking or lighter stones such as sandstone, limestone, a creamy travertine or even a blonde brick will ensure your pool and outdoor area are aesthetically pleasing and make the right kind of statement.


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Wisdom Pools and Landscapes Project | 2018

It is also prudent to consider how slippery your pool surrounds will become when wet. Often a textured pool surround is desirable for this very reason and definitely worth considering, as is the knowledge that dark colours can attract the heat – meaning that if you have dark tiles or decking around your pool you may find they become hot and uncomfortable to walk on in the height of summer.

By keeping these few simple tips and tricks in mind when commencing your pool journey and choosing the perfect colour for your home, you will steer yourself in the right direction to achieve the perfect pool in no time!

For more information or even some thought starters on pool colours, tones and textures, be sure to get in touch with our friendly and helpful team at Wisdom Pools and Landscapes – we are here to help!