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Seamless indoor and outdoor living. Why Landscaping your home is so important.

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With all the excitement of building your new home from the ground up – selecting the floorplan that best suits your lifestyle, to the colour of your walls and fitting out your picture-perfect kitchen, it is not uncommon to oversee, or leave until last, two of the most important spaces – your front yard and your backyard / outdoor area.

Your front yard is the window to your home. What your neighbours and passing traffic see as a first glimpse, and what you see when you head outside or when you get home from work. It is important to ensure the entry to your house does the rest of your property justice.

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Wisdom Pools and Landscapes Project | Wisdom Homes – Calderwood Display Centre

As with your home design and your internal décor choices, it is best to take the time to think about how the front of your home and any landscaping you do will work and fit in with the overall home aesthetic. Do you need a pathway to your front door? If you do, how do you envisage this working? Options to consider include concrete, pavers, or perhaps crushed rock – any of which will create a different look and feel.

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Wisdom Pools and Landscapes Project | Wisdom Homes – HomeWorld Marsden Park

Another question to ponder is garden maintenance – which is relevant to both your front and back yards – and how much time you have to dedicate to grooming your outdoor areas and if this is something you want to prioritise.

Often low maintenance is preferable given the busy and demanding lives we lead – weekends are sooner spent relaxing with family and friends over gardening duties – which will need to play a part in the trees and plants you settle on (Australian natives or a simple pebble bed are good examples for low maintenance outdoor areas).

Along these same lines will be considerations around both council and estate (if you live within one) guidelines you need to adhere to. Make sure you take the time to do the research and make the phone calls to those in charge before you outlay time and money – only to be informed you have landscaped against possibly strict guidelines.


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Wisdom Pools and Landscapes Project | Wisdom Homes – Calderwood Display Centre

Moving to the backyard, similar principles stand. It can be a nice idea to tie your front and backyards to each other aesthetically, so the journey from front to back can continue in unison and complete your homes storey.

Many of our floorplans include an outdoor leisure area, ideal for indoor / outdoor entertaining and year-round BBQs – now is the time to sit down and consider what you want to look out at as you cook your dinner or chat with friends over a glass of wine.


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Wisdom Pools and Landscapes Project | Wisdom Homes – HomeWorld, Marsden Park

Planter boxes or trees. Concrete or pebbles. Depending on how large your block is, there are a myriad of options and uses to dream up.

Whatever your end goal, it is not essential or even necessary to blow your budget on an intricate and expensive landscaping plan if you don’t want to. Sometimes you will find that the most effective and sensible option to keep your home looking neat and tidy 365 days a year, is simple but well-manicured front and back lawns and some nicely placed low maintenance trees or plants.

For more information or even some thought starters on how to style the outside of your home, be sure to get in touch with our friendly and helpful team at Wisdom Pools and Landscapes – we are here to help!

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