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How To Maintain Your Backyard Pool In Summer

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How To Maintain Your Backyard Pool In Summer

As you prepare for parties and family get togethers under the sun, it is essential that you maintain your pool throughout the summer season. A well-maintained pool will ensure that your pool is clear, clean, crisp and inviting to all your guests, so in this article, we will go through how you vain maintain your backyard pool in summer. Read on to find out more!

1. Keep It Clean!

First and foremost, one of the most important steps to maintaining a well kept pool is to keep it clean at all times. No one wants to swim in a pool where the water is not crystal clear or full of debris such as leaves, twigs and dirt!

A great way keep your pool clean is to constantly skim debris off the surface off your pool with either a leaf skimmer, in a bid to get rid of floating flora, leaves and so on. A rule of thumb is to skim the pool at least once a week, and ensure it is fully clean before anyone pops in for a dip.

Aside from skimming, you should also pay attention to keeping the pool tiles clean with specialised brushes and cleaning materials that you can purchase at your local hardware stores. A clean pool is one that is inviting and enjoyable to relax in, so this step is an absolute must.


Source: Wisdom Pools and Landscapes

2. Check Your Filter

Another essential when it comes to keeping your pool in tip top condition is to check that the filter is clean. Pool filter maintenance is highly dependant on the type of filter you have, but generally speaking, regardless of what filter, it will need a routine periodic cleaning every so often.

A filter that isn’t kept clean will lose its ability to trap debris and dirt, resulting in a pool that looks murky and discoloured. Unclean filters can also affect your water flow, so keeping it clean and in good condition is a step not to be skipped.

3. Maintain Your pH Levels

Most of us already know that pools require pH level monitoring in order to avoid injury or discolouration/damage of clothes and skin. Ideal pH levels for swimming pools range between 7.2-78 on the pH scale, which is a safe level for us to swim in and be exposed to.

It is always advised that anyone with a backyard pool have pH testing strips that will allow you to check the pH level of your pool at any given time. If your water is not at optimal pH levels, you will have to take active measure to adjust it using soda ash to increase or muriatic ash to decrease levels.

You can easily purchase this at your local household hardware store, or online. Alternatively, you can enlist the help of a professional if you’d feel more comfortable with an expert sorting your pH levels out. The choice is yours!

4. Is It Leaking?

A very important thing to lookout for in your backyard pool is whether it is leaking or not. You can do this by checking if your water levels are dipping, and if they are, you may very well have a leak on your hands.

You can check the water levels by doing a bucket test, where you fill a bucket full with water until the level inside the bucket and of the pool are on par. Mark the water level outside the bucket and leave it in the pool for 2-3 days.

If the water levels in the bucket and in the pool are still similar, then you needn’t worry. However, if the water level in the bucket is significantly higher than that of the pool, chances are, you’re dealing with a leak. If this is the case, we highly recommend contacting a pool specialist to come in and identify/fix the problem before it gets any worse.


By taking these simple yet effective steps towards maintaining your pool this summer, you can be sure that all your friends and family will have a great and safe time at your backyard party!

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