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Paving and Tiling

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Whether you’re looking to pave a driveway, landscape a garden or tile a pool, Wisdom Pools and Landscapes are your local expert paving contractors in Sydney. Specialising in all types of outdoor décor and outdoor design, we offer high quality landscape paving and tiling for any outdoor flooring area in Sydney and surrounds. See our build area.

There are a great many options on the market for paving and tiling your different outdoor areas and the choice can be overwhelming without the right advice. It’s important to choose the right material that suits the purpose it’s going to be used for. For instance, some materials are better suited to a pool area as they’re non-slip and others are ideal for a driveway as they’re hard-wearing. From patio tiles for small outdoor areas to natural stone pavers for surrounding a pool, we’ll help you choose the right tile or paver for your outdoor living space.

Our philosophy is to provide our clients with an inspiring and modern paving and tiling options that integrate perfectly into their home, enhancing their lifestyle and giving years of enjoyment.

Frequently Asked Questions

A paving contractor is someone who constructs outdoor paved surfaces such as driveways, pools surrounds, patios, steps and pathways. As your local Sydney concrete and paving contractor, Wisdom Pools and Landscapes paving and tiling focus is on residential landscape paving and outdoor tiling.

Paving contractors offer a range of paving services that make your outdoor areas safe and both easy to use, and a pleasure to enjoy. We offer a comprehensive garden design and landscape services that includes everything from natural stone tiling around a pool, to stunning driveways that make an outstanding first impression.

The difference between paving and tiling can be confusing so it’s helpful to understand the nuances. Tiling usually refers to smaller size coverings for decorative and interior purposes, although a pool interior is often tiled. Tiles are commonly ceramic, glass, marble and concrete amongst others, that require grouting to hold them in place and are thinner than pavers.

Paving is focused on exterior areas of your house. Pavers are larger and thicker than tiles and don’t require any retaining elements other than being placed on a concrete and sand or earth foundation. Pavers come in a huge range of materials and colours and can be used for any outdoor ‘flooring’ application like drives and pool areas.

It’s important to choose a paving contractor that listens and understands your needs, lifestyle and budget. Our landscape paving services range from small backyard areas, patio tiling, patio design, concrete pavers, driveways and even paving repairs.

With over 10 years’ experience of paving and tiling in Sydney, our experience and knowledge give you the peace of mind that you’ll receive high quality care and accurate execution. We’ll talk to you in simple terms, ensuring that we give you the best customer experience and explanations of the technical elements like water management, drainage and landscaping.

So, whether you’re after a modern paving or a heritage natural stone, a driveway, decorative side path, patio or pool area, we’re your expert paving contractors in Sydney.

How long it takes to complete a paving contract all depends on the size and scope of your project. A complete outdoor space from front paved driveway, landscaped and tiled side paths, backyard patio and paved pool area could take up to 3 weeks or longer depending on the works being done.

However big or small a project we never skip on attention to detail and high-quality service, giving you the peace of mind that as your landscape paving contractor of choice, we can be trusted to deliver on every project.

There is huge a range of different of paving available coming in a range of colours, sizes and materials. Some are best for areas of high traffic like patio and pool areas as they offer better slip protection, and some are more suitable for driveways as they’re more durable.

The three main materials are concrete, brick and stone.

  • Concrete – Made in a mould, concrete pavers are extremely strong and durable making them suitable for driveways. Offering a huge range of colours and sizes, these can be sealed to ensure they retain their colour for longer.
  • Brick – Sometimes referred to as clay, these are also moulded but smaller than concrete pavers. Strong and hardwearing, the colour of the brick paver comes from its materials, so the natural colour stays strong.
  • Stone – Stone pavers are usually mined or quarried, cut to size and offer a natural, appealing look. Because of their natural origins they’re often the most expensive option and can be trickier to install because of their non-uniformity. Materials include granite, limestone, marble, flagstone, sandstone and slate.

We will always offer you the best advice when choosing the best paver for your home. Taking into consideration design, installation, cost, use and wear and tear we’ll make sure you have the appropriate paver for your outdoor space.

Wisdom Pools and Landscapes service all of Sydney and the surrounding areas down to Wollongong, Kiama and the Illawarra region as well as Camden and parts of the Wollondilly region down to Jarvis Bay. We’re award-winning landscape paving and tiling contractors in Sydney and having designed and constructed a huge range of outdoor projects in over 10 years, we have the expertise and ideas to build yours.

Please get in touch if you’d like to find out if we service your area and can help with your driveway, pool or path paving project.

Wisdom Pools and Landscapes is the right choice for your paving and tiling project because of our experience, knowledge and expertise in constructing high quality, residential paving and tiling projects in Sydney.

Whatever your lifestyle and budget we can design, construct, pave and tile any area of your outdoor space and garden. Having an end-to-end design and construction solution, you can rest easy knowing that we’re the right choice for your paving and tiling project.

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