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Custom Pools

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Choosing a custom pool means you’ll get a truly unique pool designed exactly to your specifications. From fitting perfectly into your backyard space, to offering a wealth of bespoke features, a custom swimming pool design will give you a beautiful, high-quality pool and years of outdoor living enjoyment. Bespoke, custom inground pool designs can fit tricky spaces, sloping blocks, be any size and any design and will be a stunning feature for your home.

At Wisdom Pools and Landscapes, we have 10 years’ experience building custom pools in Sydney and surrounds. With our pool design concepts and custom pool design ideas to suit every backyard, we’ll work with you to bring your vision to life. Flexibility of design and expert pool construction mean we’ll build your custom pool ensuring it suits your exact needs, home, lifestyle and budget.

Our philosophy is to provide our clients with an inspiring and modern custom pool design that integrates perfectly into their home, enhances their lifestyle and gives them years of enjoyment.


Offering complete flexibility of design, a custom concrete pool means you can pick and choose the features you love for your pool. Bespoke tiling, unique shapes, integrated spas and steps, water features, feature walls, an infinity edge and fully tiled interiors are just some of the many elements you could opt to include in your custom pool design.

If you’ve seen a picture of a pool, or just a feature of a pool that you like, Wisdom Pools and Landscapes are the custom swimming pool builders that can bring your dream to life.
From large family pools to smaller plunge pools, lap pools and spa pools, there isn’t a concrete pool that we can’t build.

With a custom inground pool you’re getting a one-of-a-kind pool design and construction unique to your situation and requirements. The cost will vary substantially based on a variety of factors from accessibility and site requirements, to the size of your pool and the features you choose such as tiling, fencing, water features and more.

For a quote, it is best to contact our team so we can discuss your next custom pool project.

It’s important for us to understand your individual situation so the design process starts with an initial site consultation at your house. By talking through your ideas and visiting your home to see your block, we’ll have get the most information enabling us to design your custom pool.

From this initial meeting we draw up plans, including landscaping if required, and these are submitted to a Certifier or your local council for approvals. Once the plans have been approved, the excavation of the site starts.  We generally charge for the landscaping plans at a fee of $2,000* however our initial consult and quote is free.

When the pool space has been dug the steel and formwork are constructed, followed by the plumbing elements. Concrete is then sprayed on, allowed to ‘cure’. After this the pool interior tiling is finished followed by the fencing and finally the hard and soft landscaping of your pool area.

Each pool builder will have a different process. Read more about our process here.

*price for the plans are subject to change.

The build time is specific to each individual project (and approval time) but in general the process takes around 4-6 months* for a custom pool design and construction. This will depend on many factors such as if your house is also building, financial provider, individual block, council requirements and more.

There’s nothing like a custom inground pool design to turn heads and raise buyer interest. A custom pool will definitely add wow-factor to your home particularly if it’s well integrated and complementary to its surroundings and situation. It’s important that your custom pool is professionally built by a qualified and certified pool contractor and once built, that your pool is regularly looked after to ensure it’s longevity.

We service all of Sydney and the surrounding areas down to Wollongong, Kiama and the Illawarra region as well as Camden and parts of the Wollondilly region down to Jarvis Bay. We’re award-winning pool builders and having designed and constructed a large range of custom pools projects in over 10 years, we have the expertise and ideas to build yours. 

Please get in touch if you’d like to find out if we service your area.

Wisdom Pools and Landscapes is the right choice for your custom pool project because of our experience, knowledge and expertise in building pools of all shapes and sizes, including custom concrete and custom inground pools, in Sydney. Custom pools are our speciality.

Planning any size of pool is a big project so whatever your pool size, lifestyle and budget we can design a custom pool for you. And with our end-to-end design, construction and maintenance service, as well as landscaping, we offer peace of mind that we’re the right choice for your brand new pool.

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