Indoor Swimming Pools

Indoor Swimming Pools

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If you want year-round enjoyment from your swimming pool investment, why not consider an indoor swimming pool design for your home? With an indoor swimming pool, you can swim on even the hottest and the coldest days knowing you’re protected whatever the weather, and getting the maximum value from your swimming pool.

At Wisdom Pools and Landscapes, we can custom build indoor pool designs to suit everyone. From small indoor swimming pools and lap pools, right up to luxurious and modern indoor swimming pool designs with spas, saunas and change rooms, we can create the indoor swimming pool you’ve always wanted. With over 10 years’ experience in building residential indoor swimming pools, we have indoor swimming pool design ideas to suit every home.

We’ll build your indoor pool ensuring it suits your exact needs, home, lifestyle and budget. Our philosophy is to provide our clients with an inspiring and modern indoor pool design that integrates perfectly into their home and gives them year-round enjoyment.


Frequently Asked Questions

An indoor pool is one that’s in a completely enclosed space, whether that’s attached to your house or in a separate, self-contained building. An indoor pool area will require proper structural support, ventilation and access as well as equipment and it must have easy access yet be safe and inaccessible to small children. A professional builder and pool contractor will be able to ensure your indoor pool meets all regulations.

The possibilities for your indoor swimming pool are limited only by your space and budget as our indoor pool designs range from lap pools and plunge pools, to full-scale indoor pool rooms. The beauty of an indoor pool is that it can be designed to fit the space available, it can bend round corners, fit long narrow spaces or be an unusual shape.

An indoor pool means you can swim all year round as you’re protected from the harsh UV rays as well as rain and cold weather. Maintenance and cleaning are simple as you don’t have to deal with plant debris and regulating the temperature is easier too.

Indoor swimming pool designs, and prices cover a wide spectrum. The cost of the swimming pool itself will be about the same as building an outdoor pool. You can choose between concrete or fibreglass across a huge range of sizes and pool designs depending on your needs.

Before you start, consider the location of your indoor pool, whether it will be constructed onto your house as an extension and if you need additional change facilities, showers or toilet.

The additional cost for building an indoor pool comes from construction of your pool house structure and the extra elements for ventilation. Glass extensions are a popular way to cover a pool and are cheaper than all brick or other materials. Expect to pay the average cost per square meter that you would for a home extension plus the cost of the pool itself.
In addition, you’ll need to think about the pool finish, the tiling and the living room element of your pool area.

Modern indoor swimming pool design have come a long way from the shed-like structures of old. The beauty of an indoor pool is it can often be built as an extension to your existing home and can accommodate anything from a lap pool to a large-scale family pool with sauna, change facilities, gym and living room area.

The construction of your indoor swimming pool may often be quicker than an outdoor one if you choose a fibreglass pool design. The construction of your pool room will depend on what material you choose; a predominantly glass construction will be quicker to build than a brick one.

As indoor pool builders in Sydney we see people adding an indoor pool as a lifestyle benefit rather than to specifically add value to their home.

A modern indoor swimming pool design that’s appropriate for the size of the home, built as a stylish extension on a house in an affluent area, could well increase the value of your home. Beautiful additions such as mosaic tiles, a small steam room and a luxury pool finish and swimming pool interior design, will all help to increase the appeal of your indoor pool.

A large residential swimming pool design may put some buyers off, but you should always build your pool for you, not the next homeowner.

Your indoor pool design possibilities are limitless. Your indoor pool design should fit in with the design of your house, complementing it as a beautiful addition. Our range of indoor swimming pool designs include:

  • Spa and plunge pools
  • Indoor lap pools
  • Small indoor swimming pools for unique spaces
  • Spa pool with resistance jets (for exercise)
  • Bespoke concrete pools designed for specific spaces
  • Large indoor swimming pools
  • Indoor pool with integrated spa

Wisdom Pools and Landscapes service all of Sydney and the surrounding areas down to Wollongong, Kiama and the Illawarra region as well as Camden and parts of the Wollondilly region down to Jarvis Bay.

With over 10 years’ experience as award-winning pool contractors in Sydney, we consider ourselves your local professional pool builder. We’d love to help with your indoor swimming pool design so please get in touch if you’d like to find out if we service your area.

Wisdom Pools and Landscapes is the right choice for your indoor pool project because of our experience, knowledge and expertise in building luxury pools and indoor pools in Sydney. Planning an indoor pool is a big project so whatever your indoor pool size, lifestyle and budget we can design an indoor pool for you. And with our end-to-end pool design, construction and maintenance service, as well as landscaping, we’re the easy choice for your indoor swimming pool.

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