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When you simply want to relax, there’s nothing like a backyard plunge pool to unwind in. With water being renowned for its relaxation and calming effects, the wellness and lifestyle benefits of having a plunge pool in your garden are endless. With more and more people opting for a plunge pool in Sydney because of size and budget constraints, a plunge pool is a great way to enjoy a pool on a smaller scale.

At Wisdom Pools and Landscapes, we have experience in creating plunge pool designs to suit everyone, so if you have a plunge pool idea, we can make it a reality. With a range of concrete plunge pools and fibreglass plunge pools available, we have a design for all sizes and budgets.

We’ll build your plunge pool ensuring it suits your exact needs, home, lifestyle and budget. Our philosophy is to provide our clients with an inspiring and modern pool design that integrates perfectly into their home and gives them year-round enjoyment.


A plunge pool takes its name from the traditionally small but deep-water pools at the base of waterfalls. Plunge pools have a focus on relaxation rather than swimming so will often feature internal seating and while they’re larger than spas, they can also incorporate massage jets. Plunge pools are great for gentle exercise and jets designed for swimming can be integrated.

The main benefit of a plunge pool is to be able to enjoy the luxury of a water but in a smaller space. A plunge pool is an incredibly versatile option if you want a pool in your garden.

If you are interested in a plunge pool, speak with our team about how we can help custom design you a plunge pool. We offer pool design and construction of in-ground and above ground concrete plunge pool including concrete plunge pool or inground fibreglass plunge pools, all in a range of shapes and sizes including square, rectangular, or round, whichever suits your space. Please note, we can only offer above ground plunge pools in concrete only. Designs subject to specific design and block. Chat to us about your plunge pool project.

State legislation in NSW requires all pool and spa owners must have a valid certificate of compliance which includes all in-ground and above ground pools including plunge and spa pools. We will take care of this process for you.

The cost of a plunge pool depends on a variety of factors such as whether you choose concrete or one of our fibreglass packages, the size of your plunge pool, the installation and the range of features you choose.

When considering cost, installation is the main factor. An above ground plunge pool is actually more costly due to extra concrete, paving and features. At Wisdom Pools and Landscapes, we only offer above ground plunge pools as a custom concrete pool design.

If you opt for an inground, concrete pool, this may be cheaper than above ground however, it will require more installations costs due to concrete pool construction process and materials required. Fibreglass pools in general are the more cost-effective option however, as they are existing shells, you are limited to the designs available. Concrete pools allows us to create you a pool that suits all your requirements. 

Adding tiling, lighting, jets and landscaping will add to the cost but make your plunge pool even more worthwhile.

It is always best to contact a Pool and Landscaping contractor to provide you with a quote. Contact us to discuss your next project.

Plunge pools are generally designed for relaxation and gentle exercise but plunge pools that feature integrated jets that enable you to swim, are becoming increasingly popular for people who are limited on space but still want to swim in their back yard.

Plunge pools offer the huge attraction of having a useable water feature in your garden but without the burden of a large pool. This can make a property very attractive to buyers. With Australian lifestyles requiring outdoor BBQs and pools for year-round enjoyment, it is always a good idea to add value to your property and enhance your backyard with a pool. There are always factors such as ongoing maintenance required for plunge pools, particularly concrete. If unkept, you could damage your pool long-term which may be more costly to fix.

We’ve been building custom pools in Sydney for over 10 years so we’re able to offer the best design advice and customer service when deciding on what type of plunge pool is the right one for you. We’ll discuss your exact needs, visit your site and offer a plunge pool design that’s suitable for you and your space.

We offer a range of plunge pools including:

  • Concrete plunge pools
  • Fibreglass plunge pools
  • Above ground plunge pools
  • Smaller swimming pools

Wisdom Pools and Landscapes service all of Sydney and the surrounding areas down to Wollongong, Kiama and the Illawarra region as well as Camden and parts of the Wollondilly region down to Jervis Bay.

We’re licensed, professional swimming pool contractors and have dealt with many of Sydney’s local councils, so you can be sure you’re get a high-quality result that you can enjoy for years. We’d love to help with your plunge pool so please get in touch if you’d like to find out if we service your area.

Wisdom Pools and Landscapes is the right choice for your plunge pool project because of our experience, knowledge and expertise in building pools of all shapes and sizes, including plunge pools, in Sydney. Planning any size of pool is a big project so whatever your pool size, lifestyle and budget we can design a plunge pool for you. And with our end-to-end plunge pool design, construction and maintenance service, as well as landscaping, we offer peace of mind that we’re the right choice for your brand new plunge pool.

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