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If you’ve ever dreamed of easing those aches away in a luxurious spa pool, now you can by creating your own customised spa pool, even to an existing pool design.

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Offering plunge pools, spa pools, and complete pools and spas in Sydney and the Illawarra area, we can tailor your spa and spa automation to your exact requirements. Whether you have your own concrete pool and want a spa added or you’re looking to build your own pool and spa we can help. Browse our existing spa packages or we can work with you to design a spa to go with your new Wisdom pool or existing pool.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Spa additions can be added to both a concrete or fibreglass pool so the cost depends on what you want. Our new fibreglass pool ranges have spas built into the pool shell.

Installing a brand new spa is the same process as installing a new concrete pool, so the time frame is comparable, expect three months.

Yes, whatever your unique spa requirements we can build a spa to suit them and we also have spa packages that you can add to your Wisdom Pools and Landscape package. We don’t build standalone spas.

Yes, we can add a spa design to your Wisdom Pools and Landscape design.

We can build an above ground concrete spa as long as it’s attached to a pool.

Yes, we can build a standalone spa, however because of the amount of plumbing involved it’s more cost effective to build a spa in conjunction with a pool.

Wisdom Pools and Landscapes service a huge area of Greater Sydney and the Illawarra down to Wollongong, Camden and Wollondilly. 

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