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Popular Landscaping Trends to Try This Year

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Popular Landscaping Trends to Try This Year

Trends in the landscaping industry often come and go as quickly as the seasons change. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t a few noteworthy styles that you should consider for your own property. As a full service pools and landscaping builder, Wisdom Pools and Landscapes can help transform your yard into an enviable living space. Here are a few designs you can try:

Glass Pool Surrounds

Nothing beats the beauty of a sparkling swimming pool in the middle of the garden. In fact, investing in a pool can do wonders for your property’s aesthetic appeal and value. Along with our landscape design services, Wisdom Pools and Landscapes can provide you with beautifully-designed swimming pools to match your home’s style. Consider adding a glass surround to enclose your pool. This will help keep your children safe and create the illusion that the pool is an extension of your outdoor space, rather than a separate element. This also provides you with a better view than a fence while improving wind protection.
Wisdom Pools and Landscape Glass Pool Surrounds

Modern Landscaping

While older homes may have a charming and grand appeal, mixing them with more modern landscaping designs results in a unique design. Modern landscapes may include a variety of tropical and native plants for a pop of colour and optional shade. Alternatively, you can also incorporate decking or wood and stone into your landscaping to help soften your home’s modern architecture. If you’re unsure of what colours or designs to add to your landscape, you can draw inspiration from the shades in your home’s exterior.
Wisdom Pools and Landscape Modern Landscaping Design

Wood and Natural Stone

Create classy manicured gardens without the hefty price tag by adding wood and natural stone to your landscape. You can do this by strategically incorporating rocks and specific plants into your design or by recreating the design of hardscapes through the use of pebbles, wooden benches and smooth stone seats. Meanwhile, you can group together similar-looking pavers and retaining walls to add dimension and depth to the area while creating a relaxing and enchanting ambience. Wisdom Pools and Landscapes has a team of passionate professionals that can help you select the elements that work best for your property.

Transformative Mulch

If you aren’t looking to do some major changes to your landscape, we recommend investing in mulch. With the right design and planning, this can help you transform your yard without spending too much. Additionally, thanks to the wide variety of colours and types of mulches available on the market, you can instantly revamp the look of your backyard. You can also use mulch to occupy the ground between your plants to prevent unwanted weeds from sprouting up, ensuring the tidiness of the space.

While you can use these trends as inspiration for your next landscape renovation, you can also consult an expert like us to determine whether these are a great fit for your property. For professional landscape solutions, turn to Wisdom Pools and Landscapes. With our years of experience and positive track record in the industry, we can ensure satisfactory results. Schedule a consultation today to get started.

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