The New Pool Value Checklist

The New Pool Value Checklist

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A must do before you dive into your new pool project

When it comes to something as important as your new pool, you want to know up front what is essential to include in your budget and that the pool builder you are speaking to has included these essentials in their quote. That means not only ensuring that the landscaping around the pool is taken care of, but that you’re given the option for including features you might also want in and around your pool.

Some pool builders competing on price leave essential items out of their quote. They don’t tell you their quote is only getting your pool into the ground, and that’s about it. They’ll tell you your pool is “finished” — but it’s not really finished. 

To assist you in understanding what you need to budget for, we’ve created the essential check list for installing either a concrete or fibreglass pool and for landscaping.

A must do before you dive into your new pool project

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