Custom Design

Custom Design

Custom Design Concrete Pools

Custom design your unique pool by speaking to one of our pools and landscaping experts. Book in a design interview and let our team work with you to custom design your unique pool based on your budget and requirements.Ā 


Standard Inclusions

  • 1.6m Deep End
  • 1.2m Shallow End
  • Standard Pool Approvals
  • Excavation and Fill Removal
  • Excavation and Fill Removal with 400mm wide edge
  • Laying only of coping paver
  • 250mm Standard Range waterline tile
  • Island Range Beadcrete Interior
  • Viron Range Saltwater Pool System
  • 2 x Flushmount LED Lighting
  • Premium Pool Equipment Kit


  • Fall protection
  • Pool Cover and Roller
  • Rock Excavation & Removal
  • Spoil Runout
  • Additional Non-Standard Approval Requirements Electrical Connection
  • Supply & Laying of Pool Coping/Pavers
  • Sewer Connection
  • Additional plumbing over 6m from skimmer Property Access under 2m
  • Additional Structural Engineering Requirements Sewer Pegout/Encasement
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