Pool renovations

Pool renovations

Pool Renovations Sydney

Is your pool looking dated or in need of relining? Are you looking to enhance your existing Wisdom pool and outdoor lifestyle? With our swimming pool renovations, you can bring new life and modern styling to your existing Wisdom Homes pool. Our team of expert pool designers and construction specialists cover whole outdoor wide renovations by redesigning your pool and landscapes to transform your existing backyard pool to something that is new and unrecognisable.

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If you are an existing Wisdom Homes customer and you’re looking for a simple paving upgrade or right through to a full structural renovation, we can take care of your interior and exterior pool renovation.

If you would like to discuss your pool renovation project, contact us. We can then organise a time to meet you at your home to discuss your vision and upgrade requirements and conduct a full inspection of your pool. And then from initial design concept through to construction we take care of it all.

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Please note, Wisdom Pools and Landscapes currently only service Wisdom Homes customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It all depends on the type of pool renovation. Installing glass fencing and new tiling will cost less than fully removing an existing concrete pool interior. For a complete renovation a rough guide would start from $35,000 but this varies on the specific pool, works required, the block and other factors.

Whether you need approvals depends on the type of work. If it’s purely cosmetic then no approvals are required but if structural changes are involved (changing the shape, volume and pool fencing) then approvals are needed.

This is determined by the size and scope of the pool and renovation. The removal of an existing interior and surround takes about one week and then you have the new pool tiling, beadcrete, filling, surround and fencing plus final touches so allow 1-2 months from start to swim.

With our expertise in pool renovations and with our wide range of pools and landscaping services available, we undertake pool renovations right across Sydney. Our award winning pool renovation projects have been awarded SPASA GOLD for Best Pool Renovation in 2018 and SPASA SILVER for Pool and Landscape Design in 2018.

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