Landscape Design

Landscape Design

Landscape design

A garden oasis designed just for you

Wisdom Pools and Landscapes are currently offering services to Wisdom Homes customers only.

More than simply a finishing touch, a well-designed, functional garden can bring years of enjoyment, relaxation and pleasure to you and your family.

From outdoor kitchens and BBQs to water features and walls, decks and driveways, paving and of course beautiful gardens and lawns, Wisdom Pools and Landscaping can handle any outdoor project, large or small.

We’ll work with you to bring your vision to life, sharing our wealth of experience to ensure your garden delivers satisfaction for years to come. Our team of experts will design your outdoor oasis, from concept design through to construction and maintenance.

The Complete Landscaping Service

We provide small landscaping services like fencing and driveways to full-scale landscaping jobs such as total back garden renovations or landscaping a new block for a new build house.

When building a new home, landscaping is an essential part of the build as councils and developers have minimum landscaping requirements on new homes. With both hard and soft landscaping elements to factor in, such as driveways, letterboxes, fencing and planting, this needs expert guidance to fulfil requirements and make your new home look its best.

Our landscape services are available across all of Sydney and surrounding areas, down to Wollongong, Kiama and the Illawarra as well as Camden and parts to the Wollondilly region to Jarvis Bay.

And with display centres across Sydney showcasing our landscaping designs with elements including outdoor kitchens, living, decking, pergolas, pools and spas, pool fencing and gardens, you can see what can be incorporated into your unique garden project. 

The Complete Landscaping Service


Wisdom Pools and Landscapes are currently offering services to Wisdom Homes customers only.

Landscape design combines architectural and design elements to ensure the composition of a garden is both practical and artistic. Often described as hardscape and softscape, landscape design brings horticulture, architecture and engineering together. Each constituent part combines to create an interesting, practical and suitable garden.

On any new home building project the house is the main component. However, without landscape design the rest of property would simply be a muddy and overgrown patch of ground. Councils have minimum landscaping requirements for all new home builds that include things such as paths and driveways, fencing and planting so our experts will ensure all these requirements are met. And with today’s outdoor lifestyle, the design and function of a garden is crucial to maximise both the space and how we want to spend our time in it. An experienced landscape team can create a functional and beautiful garden in even the smallest space.

The costs associated with the landscaping of a new plot will vary greatly depending on many different factors. The size, orientation and gradient of a block, as well as the separate elements such as a pool, outdoor kitchen and mature planting will all play a part in the final cost. Our experienced landscape team will work with you to bring you the best result for your budget.

Yes we do. We’ll work with you to help bring out the best in your garden, incorporating new features and maximising existing ones based on your budget and requirements.

Yes we can. With a new home, a fresh new garden that fits around it and works for your lifestyle is essential. With experience servicing Wisdom Homes and Hoot Homes clients as well as other clients who have built on vacant blocks, we have relationships with developers and councils across Sydney to make the design, approvals and construction process as smooth as possible.

Yes we can. The therapeutic effects of water in a garden are well known. Any water element, from a swimming pool to a bubbling fountain, will bring both enjoyment and tranquillity to your garden. We’ll also ensure the use of water is efficient, cost effective and sustainable. 

Yes, with our huge variety of designs, you can incorporate a pool, spa or plunge pool to your landscaping design as well as other complementary outdoor features.

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