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Water Features

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Thinking about building a beautiful pool with Wisdom Pools and Landscapes? Why not add a striking water feature to your pool build. Water features can be included in your swimming pool design for that extra wow factor. Please note, we create water features in conjunction with a pool or landscaping job with Wisdom Pools and Landscapes. We will not build a water feature as a stand-alone service.

There are many reasons to install a pool with water features in your garden, from creating a unique and personal space to introducing different textures and features and attracting birds and wildlife. Adding a moving water element to your Wisdom Homes pool area is becoming very popular.

Water features help to create a focal point for a pool or garden, whether it’s a front garden design with a water feature, a swimming pool water feature design, or a serene and tranquil water feature for your private back garden. Water feature designs range from stunning ornamental fountains, to completely natural-looking pools and ponds with every sort of design in between.

Combining practicality and function with style and design, Wisdom Pools and Landscapes have been designing a full range pools with water features for over 10 years. With our expertise and experience, we’ll seamlessly transform your outdoor space with a new pool and water feature design you want.

Our philosophy is to provide our clients with inspiring pools with water features that integrate perfectly into their home, enhancing their lifestyle and giving them years of enjoyment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Essentially a water feature is a landscape element that uses water and other materials to add interest, beauty and natural elements to a garden. A quick browse of the internet will show you the wide range of water feature designs there are from large and ornate to compact and natural. Most water features and those that have running, spouting or bubbling water, including ponds, will require a pump to ensure the water is constantly moving and prevent it from stagnating.

For an extra luxury, you can also have a water feature in your swimming pool such as a waterfall, fountain or water wall. A swimming pool water feature can transform your pool and create a stunning contemporary look to your garden.

It’s easier to include a water feature to your pool during the building process as it can be more complicated to add plumbing and pipe work to an existing pool, adding to the overall cost. It’s important to make sure the swimming pool water feature design you choose blends into the overall aesthetic of your outdoor area while enhancing the look of your home.

The cost of swimming pool water feature varies greatly depending on the size and amount of work involved. We would usually add this to your landscaping or pool design or as part of an existing structure. It is best to chat to us about what you are after before we can provide a quote.

While water features and pumps need electricity (unless they’re solar) having a water feature won’t cause too much of a dent to your electricity bill. A more powerful pump may cost a little more to run, so make sure you use a pump that’s appropriate to the size of your water feature.

Turning the pump off and having it on a timer can limit the amount of electricity used and if you’re installing a swimming pool water feature, you may already have a pump installed for the pool.

Traffic noise from nearby roads can certainly be irritating. Countering the effect of traffic noise with other background or ‘white noise’ elements such as the running water from a water feature, can have a calming effect and help mitigate the sound of traffic.

Installing a waterfall, fountain or stream to your garden will detract attention from the traffic noise. A professional water feature builder will know the right amount and type of acoustic sound you need from your water feature to help cancel traffic noise and offer suggestions for design and construction to help minimise traffic noise.

With more people wanting a water feature in their garden, the variety of ready-made designs and custom water features is ever growing. Pick a water feature that’s sympathetic to your style of garden or swimming pool to achieve the best look.

Water feature designs include:

  • Natural ponds – A popular choice that blends in with almost any landscape.
  • Waterfall – Can be standalone or added to a pool or pond area for a natural look.
  • Stream – Needs a larger amount of space and landscaping but can look stunning.
  • Bird bath – A popular and economical choice to add a water feature to your home.
  • Waterwall – Elegant and luxurious, water slowly falls down a wall face and is fed back up.
  • Rain curtain – Contemporary design feature which creates a focal point for any pool or garden.
  • Sconces – Often ‘heads’ pouring water they can add a traditional and timeless element to a back garden.
  • Scuppers – Like a sconce but wider, delivering a flat volume of water from an upper level.
  • Bubblers – Creating the impression of water welling up from underground they add visual interest and pleasant sound.
  • Fountain – Modern or traditional, grand or simple, fountains are a popular standalone water feature.
  • Swimming pool – The ultimate water feature with or without running water elements.

Wisdom Pools and Landscapes service all of Sydney and the surrounding areas down to Wollongong, Kiama and the Illawarra region as well as Camden and parts of the Wollondilly region down to Jarvis Bay.

We’ve been creating award-winning landscapes, gardens and water features in Sydney for over 10 years and have designed and constructed a huge range of water feature projects. With your ideas and our expertise and experience, we can help you create the water feature you’ve always wanted.

Please get in touch if you’d like to find out if we service your area and can help with your custom water feature project.

Wisdom Pools and Landscapes is the right choice for your water feature project because of our experience, knowledge and expertise in constructing high quality water features of all designs and sizes in Sydney.

Whatever your lifestyle and budget, we can design and construct your landscaping works, including your water feature. Thank to our end-to-end design and construction service, we offer peace of mind that we’re the right choice for your water feature.

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