Top things to consider before installing a fire pit Top things to consider before installing a fire pit

Top things to consider before installing a fire pit

Do you enjoy relaxing by an open fire, or being able to entertain your guests outdoor even in chilly weather? Well, installing a fire pit is the perfect solution for your outdoor space! 

Fire pits do more than just aesthetically enhance your outdoor spaces - they keep you warm and allow you to enjoy outdoor spaces in any weather, and can even add value to your home. Interestingly enough, research has shown that watching the dancing flames of a fire can help you relax, and can even reduce your blood pressure! 

So a fire pit looks pleasing, keeps you nice and toasty, and can even be beneficial for your health, but what are some things you should consider before installing your very own fire pit? Well, read on to discover 10 things you should definitely think about before installing a fire pit. 


Things to Consider Before Installing Your Fire Pit

1. Location, location, location

The very first thing to think about is where you want to place your fire pit. Having accurate information about the space you intend to install your fire pit will help you make a decision on the type of fire pit that would best fit the space. More importantly, you’ll be better able to meet the specific needs of your household.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Will it be in a private, serene space for adults or older teenagers?
  • Will it be in a space that’s more suited for dining and entertaining?
  • Will it be closer to your main leisure area where younger children might play nearby and you can keep an eye on them?
  • Are you a multi-generational household? You may need input from all family members to ensure everyone has their needs met with regards to the fire pit.
  • Are you able to safely install your fire pit (you’ll learn more about that a little further down)?

2. Safety first

It’s so important that you consider every angle when it comes to safety. Not only do you want your fire pit to be correctly installed, you also want to make sure that you continually monitor the fire pit and surrounding areas for potential safety hazards.

  • Place your fire pit at a safe distance from any flammable structures or surfaces. This includes your house, trees, shed, vehicle, neighbours' property, and wood deck, among other things. 
  • Keep your fire pit away from overhanging branches. A minimum 6.5 m clearance is a safe standard to apply.  
  • Make sure you have a water tap and hose connection accessible. 
  • Ensure rainwater can drain away and not pool in the pit.  
  • Make sure there is plenty of space to safely walk around the fire pit, and don’t forget to factor in any seating in the area as well.
  • Also consider the fire pit’s exposure to wind direction and which way smoke may blow. You don’t want it blowing into your home or your neighbours, so set it up away from the neighbours bedrooms.
  • Make sure you’re well-versed in general fire safety should the worst ever happen!

3. Consider the aesthetics

While you might be planning to install a fire pit for its functional use, it is still quite a large appliance and will inevitably play a big role in the overall look of your yard. So it can’t be denied that form is as important as function here!

Here are some things to consider:

  • Choose a design and material that looks pleasing and suits your space. Remember, your space still deserves to look good even when the fire pit is not in use. Fortunately, the market for aesthetically attractive fire pits is full of options, so take the time to shop around and find the perfect one for your space!
  • If your firepit is a permanent outdoor fixture, it will need to be built from materials that will endure the weather and won’t need as much maintenance. For example, sometimes glass fire pits (which look stunning when perfectly clean) can look dirty and unattractive when unlit in the daylight, and require more maintenance to stay looking good. On the other hand, more rugged materials like stone or brickwork can look amazing in their natural state, and withstand a lot of the natural elements outdoors. Steel or rusted steel is also a good choice for durability. It all depends on which material and design will complement the aesthetics of your backyard.
  • When you are designing your firepit and outdoor area, consider where you’re going to store the wood for it. If you have the space, you can build something permanent that is relatively weather-proof. Otherwise, you can purchase a stylish, smaller timber stacker to have nearby to top up the pit when its being used.  Many landscaping and hardware stores have a range of these smaller timber holders.

4. Take a seat

If you plan to make full use of your pretty new fire pit, you need to consider seating options for your fire pit that will suit both your style preference and also the size and shape of your outdoor space.

Consider these:

  • Who are the people that will get the most use out of your fire pit? You need to make sure that there’s enough seating for these folks, whether they are in your household or are guests that you frequently entertain.
  • While built-in options that perfectly match the fire pit can make quite the style statement, it doesn’t mean that a simple arrangement wouldn’t be just as striking! Sometimes all you need is to make the fire pit a focal point within a clear patched or paved area with bench seating around it.


Light that fire

A fire pit is a wonderful addition to any outdoor space, particular for homes located in cooler climates. Outdoor spaces are often neglected in autumn and winter, so fire pits allow you to make more use of your backyard while also being a beautiful centrepiece to behold any time of the year!

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