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Landscaping Trends For 2019

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How is it that we spend weekends manicuring our interiors, and developing our decor – only to let our landscaping design fall by the wayside.

So, looking to revamp your landscape this year? We’ve done the homework to bring you a list of inspired outdoor themes for 2019.


Pools that make a splash

Having a pool has almost become the staple to any Australian home. With warm weather for a good portion of the year, it is easy to see why a Pool is a worthwhile investment.

The growing trend we’re seeing this year is for darker pool colour finishes, giving pools a luxurious feel with no leaves seen at the bottom like they are on your more typical pool design.

Infinity pools are also finding their way into homes, no longer found in only five star hotels. Who needs the Bahamas when you have an infinity pool in your own backyard?

Fire pits

Fire pits started furnishing our backyards in 2017, and the fire hasn’t yet gone out. They keep homeowners warm in the cooler months, and look great while doing it. Firepits create a rustic feel and can be a real focal point to your backyard, adding more texture against the greenery.

If you want to add some atmosphere to your outdoor space in 2019, grace your backyard with a fire pit.


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Wisdom Pools and Landscapes

Garden design

Garden design is more of an art than agriculture in recent years, and with the right planning and landscaping, you can create a garden that will add a whole new outdoor lifestyle to your home.

As garden’s are getting smaller, this year, trends are focusing on maximizing the space, creating a more dense environment. Trees, shrubs, flowers and water features are being intertwined to create a more rural experience.


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Wisdom Pools and Landscapes

Alfresco dining

Outdoor dining is an integral part of Australian culture with many backyard BBQ’s on the calendar throughout the year.

Your landscaping design in 2019 should incorporate alfresco dining, so that your indoors and outdoors become extensions of one another. Be purposeful in your design so that you can cater to small and large numbers, with the distance from the indoor kitchen space not too far. Stone is a great material for tables and bench seating as well as wicker furniture, as it is weathers all seasons and doesn’t take away from the green environment within which it is located.


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Wisdom Pools and Landscapes

Mixed textures

Mixed textures are the future of landscaping design, as they offer so much versatility and range. Brick and sand are finding their way into more landscaping designs, joining the more established textures like stone, wood and tiling. It’s important to remember that you don’t need each texture, only the ones that best complement your home and backyard. If there is a dominant colour within your home decor, try and weave that into your landscaping through tiles, pavers or minerals that carry that tone.


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